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Professional Fibreglass Lining of Pools, Ponds, Swimming Pools and Water Features.

Why Fibreglass?

Lining your pond with fibreglass will give a far superior and more durable finish than other form of lining. It has a crease free finish that can take any shape required. This enables you to create your pond with whichever shape you want and with what ever features you need. Fibreglass will not dry-out and become brittle like other forms of lining and can be scrubbed clean without worry. The strength and resistance of the fibreglass also allows you to place rocks, pots and other heavy objects in and on the pond/feature without causing damage. Glass fibre is resistant to weathering and temperature variations and provides a water tight, smooth and easy to clean surface which makes it an excellent and very suitable material for use in the lining of fish ponds and pools.

Fiberglass is also known as glass-reinforced plastic, GRP, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, or GFRP.


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